Andrew Isundwa Andolo is an Associate Advocate at Midikira & Company Advocates. His focus includes legal drafting and writing; civil and criminal procedures of courts, tribunals and registries; professional ethics; legal research skills; office administration; interpersonal skills; critical thinking and client care. This has seen him acquire competence in: preparation of suits within allocated times frames; drafting applications, replying affidavits and submissions; research skills; drafting agreements; problem solving skills and commitment to serving clients; team work and communication; and business development skills.

Andolo is vastly experienced in the legal practice having served in various firms and institutions. These include provision of probation and after care services at the Ministry of Home Affairs and judicial attachment at the Kwale Law Courts where he assisted the magistrate in adjudicating disputes by carrying out legal research and participating in interactive discussion sessions with the magistrate among other duties. He has also served as an Associate Advocate at Kimani Kairu & Co. Advocates where his mandate included legal drafting and writing, conveyancing, professional ethics, legal research skills; and company law.

Among his career objectives, Andolo enumerates working in a challenging position where he can utilise his knowledge and skills optimally and enhancing his skills, abilities and competences. His key attributes include excellent time management, ability to work under pressure, competency in ICT, keen analytical and decision making skills, and team player with great leadership skills. He is a graduate of the Kenyatta University-School of Law and the Kenya School of Law, Advocates Training Programme. Andolo is also fluent in French.